Workshops for Wellbeing

I specialise in devising and delivering engaging photographic workshops that promote positive well-being for participants of all ages and backgrounds.

Focusing on Feelings

I’m an expert by experience when it comes to teaching how to use photography as a tool for self-expression, particularly for those who are or have experienced emotional difficulties.

Using my own background and experience of using photography to manage mental health difficulties, my empathic and sensitive approach brings an inspiring dynamic for people wishing to learn about photography and how to tell their own stories.

Workshop Themes

Previous workshops have focused on themes of:

  • Empathy — seeing through the eyes of others
  • Using photography as inspiration for writers
  • How individuals can make a change in society
  • Exploration of the self, telling your story
  • Visual diary making, image and text
  • Emotions in photography
  • Book binding

It was wonderful to meet Daniel and the other participants. I’ve learnt such a lot, never having done any writing or photography before this. I really can’t thank you enough for your patience and kindness.

"Carol, Workshop Participant"


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