Focus on Feelings


Kentish Town Improvement Fund


To contribute towards the wellbeing of those affected by emotional difficulties
(non-diagnosis specific) through the use of photography.


Over this six week project participants were encouraged to explore particularly personal and emotive issues, identifying a theme to work on for the entire project. Sessions focused on:

  • Developing visual literacy and language
  • Taking photographs in session & as homework
  • Deconstructing photographs & making derivative works
  • Reflecting & sharing work
  • Creating a hand-stitched book

I can honestly say, that your work-shop has been the best, you worked so hard for all of us, it really has been a privilege taking part in a group, of very nice and diverse people, and for me to express such feeling in your guided gentle caring way, has strengthen me and enriched me creatively.

"H, project participant"

The workshops helped me to find images to represent where I am now and where I am moving to. Helped me to realise the temporality of my current situation. We are always becoming.

"E, project participant"